Rain Repel

Improve visibility when it rains, also adds a shine to the whole car. $3.00

Underbody rinse that neutralizes salt. $2.00

Tire Shine is applied during the wash

by a machine. $3.00 

The High Quality 3-Minute Car Wash


AERO-THERM HOT AIR DRYING SYSTEM - Here at Clean Car Express we have the safest, most effective, and LARGEST HOT AIR DRYING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD. Your car will be consistently and safely dried. Towel drying is not needed here!


SELF SERVE VACUUMS - Keep your interiors looking as good as your exterior with our high powered, self-serve vacuums.


VEHICLE RESTRICTIONS - We would love to have your business here at Clean Car Express. Your vehicle must not exceed a maximum height of 82”. We do not allow full size vans, open bed trucks or vehicles with bike or ski racks attached, or off-road tires (non-factory) knobby tires to enter into the car wash.