1. EXPERIENCE:  The owner has 25 years of experience in the Car Wash industry.  We know quality and do not stand for anything less!
2. SOFT CLOTH WASH SYSTEM: Our soft cloth is non-abrasive. It gently massages our special blend of soaps and chemicals onto the vehicle providing deep cleaning power. The soft cloth is continually flooded and lubricated to give you the shiniest and cleanest vehicle.
3. RINSE: Here at Clean Car Express we use 100% fresh water. The vehicle is flooded with two high pressure rinses and a final shower bar.
4. SIGNATURE SHAMPOOS: We use a special blend of 9 solutions to shine and clean your vehicle.
5. UNDERBODY WASH: The underside of your vehicle is given a high pressure bath to help flush out dirt and grime.
6. WHEEL BRIGHTENER: This is a specially formulated product that safely removes virtually all brake dust from the wheels. Wheel Bright is applied during the wash process and rinsed off with wheel specific high pressure blast of water.
7. CLEAR COAT: For added shine and protection ask for our clear coat. It seals in the shine while locking out the elements. This product produces a cleaner and brighter shine that lasts longer.
8. AERO-THERM HOT AIR DRYING SYSTEM: Here at Clean Car Express we have the safest, most effective, and LARGEST HOT AIR DRYING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD. Your car will be consistently and safely dried. Towel drying is not need here!